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The Beginning of Athena Triathlete

18 Oct 2010 / in Uncategorized

This is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. All the thoughts that swirl in my head when I’m training or competing in a triathlon… I always think of sharing because I’m sure that there are other women out there like me. Women who want to be active and competitive and faster… but seem to be trapped in a slightly overweight body.

I am an Athena Triathlete.

Those of you who know, Athena is the designation in triathlon that is for women over 150 lbs. (Men who are over 200 lbs. are designated as Clydesdales.) In a nutshell, what I have found is that Athena’s have a particular set of issues competing in tri’s. Personally, I feel it might be harder to move my 170 lb. body through the swim, bike, and run than someone who weights under 150. Maybe it is a “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality, but there are many times when I feel like my body only has ONE SPEED.

So, this blog will be about those challenges of training, managing weight, getting faster, finding gear and equipment that fit, whether to compete age group or Athena, and much more.

Stay tuned!

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