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Ready or not…

05 Apr 2011 / in Uncategorized

3:30 AM. I’m up and panicking about cut off times.  The closer we get to the date of my 70.3 triathlon, the more information gets sent.  Just 5 more days to go.

The first setback is that my swim wave, the 40-44 year old women, leaves LAST.  This means that I won’t have any “buffer” time.  All the cut off times relate to when the last swim wave leaves.  So waves leaving earlier get a little buffer time.  When you’re like me, you know you’ll be squeaking under every time cut off.  A little extra time would be nice just for insurance.  Now it just “is what it is”.  And I’m back in the position of getting cut off.  My worst nightmare.  Yesterday when we received and update on the actual cut off times – I feverishly began doing math.

“Okay, if I can do the swim in this many minutes… I have this long to make it through the bike…” etc. etc.  I started using an awesome triathlon calculator tool I found online to back out my times. Unfortunately at first, I made a mistake by not clicking the correct radio button.  I tried to see how fast I’d need to ride on the bike to make it 56 miles in 4 hours.  “22.5!!  Holy crap!” I sent a email to my brother and husband with the subject line “I’m going to vomit.” No way, I can’t average 22.5.  But then something clicks and I realize it is on KM/hr.  I need to hit the MPH button.  14.  14 mph.  Oh my God.  I can do that.

Still at 3:30 in the morning I’m thinking “can I do that?” I live in hilly Seattle.  So, I’m so used to having hills bring down my average time.  And because I live here… and I’ve been training from January to April and my outdoor training has been limited… Um, confession time — for the bike, there hasn’t been any real road riding.  In my defense, it has been 40 degrees and raining here constantly.  I’m sick of it.  So my bike has been set up on the trainer in my house and I’ve been riding indoors and doing spin classes.

I find my times from last year’s Lake Steven’s 70.3.  I did the bike in 4-1/2 hours with hills.  (And after a really crappy swim.)  I seek out the profile of the bike.  It looked like this:

But this course will be different.  Flat.  Galveston is flat.  It may be a little windy that day… but the ups and downs won’t be there.  Thank goodness.  Aero-bars will be my friend.

The cut off times look like this:
Swim: 1:10 from Last Wave
Bike: to Aid Station #4 (mile 48.2) by 1:18pm; Into transition by 1:51 pm
Run: Start 4th lap by 4:31pm; Finish by 5:20pm

Can I do this?  I CAN. Can I do this?  I WILL. I feel great physically.  Now it is just time to visualize myself on the course.  Swim, bike, run.  Have some fun.

I’m going to race hard, race fast, have fun and leave it all in Texas.

Let’s do this!