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2011 Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon

29 Jun 2011 / in Uncategorized

Corral 34!

This is the second year I’ve done the Seattle Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon.  I really do love this race.  I can see it would be fun traveling to other cities to do a Rock n’ Roll race.  It is well organized, nice swag, and super nice medals.  I am hoping to do the Chicago race one day.

I didn’t do the traditional build up for this race.  My training was sketchy.  After the Texas 70.3… I came back home and one week off post-race became two… then three.  You get the picture. I did a long run with my friend Anne, who was training for the marathon – but that was about it, unfortunately.

Being under-trained for the event caused me to start feeling my right arch ache at about mile 10.  I ran through it, but I’ve been limping for 2 days now.  I did feel I had a lot of fitness left over from my 70.3 training.  It took a little bit to get started… but running miles 3-10 went very smoothly.  I felt like I was cruising pretty well!

Stacie and me at the start.

It’s great to have friends at these events.  My friends Stephanie and Stacie both ran their first 1/2’s.  Stacie rode with me to the start and I (luckily) ran into my friend Stephanie on the course. My friend, Anne, ran the full marathon and her husband, Kelly, ran the 1/2.  Kind of surprising to see them in a crowd of about 20,000 people!

The biggest inspiration during the 13.1 miles was the group “Wear Blue:  Run to Remember”.  They were a group of military widows that started a running group to deal with the grief of loosing their spouses in war. I had heard a report about them on the local NPR station, but when I saw them on the run… their group was much larger than I expected.  About 1/2 way through the race there were posters on the side of the course with the photos of the fallen soldiers.  If I had to guess, there were at least 20 posters.  I made a point of touching every one and saying “thank you” as I ran by.  These were men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country.  Following the posters were an equal number, if not more, of large American flags.  All held by people in the group’s blue t-shirts and following that was an aid station where men an women from the military were handing out water, Cytomax and Gu.  They were amazing and cheering for all the runners.  We should have been cheering for them.

I ran the rest of the way trying to keep with with people.  I used it as a distraction and a way to keep myself from taking too many (or too long) walking breaks.  I focused on one gal with pink sock with scull and crossbones on them.  Then as we ran through the I-90 tunnel I tried to catch Elvis!  But as you can see from my blurry picture…. he was too fast.

Fast Elvis!

Now that this race is over… it is time to concentrate on training for the Chelan Man race.  I’m excited because this will be my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I think it will be a nice distance.  A 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike and a 10K run.

Just 17 days!  Gotta keep moving forward!