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Over the Moon (Luna Style!)

22 Feb 2012 / in Uncategorized

This week I started my training for my first marathon.  I’ve been thinking about writing about it… the start of my training “season”, and how hard it it is get back into the swing of things when it is winter and (maybe) you’ve taken a little too much time off.

But my next training run will have me floating on air because the BEST THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME.

If you’re a Facebook friend, you’ll know that I applied (with fingers crossed) to be apart of this year’s local Luna Chix Triathlon team.  I love their workouts… their inclusiveness and the camaraderie with other women trying to stay in shape and taking on the challenge of triathlon.  Well, I didn’t make the team this year, however, I think something even better happened to me.

Because of my blog… the gals on the Seattle Luna Chix team nominated me to be a Luna Chix Journal writer.  I got a call from Clif Bar (they own Luna) and they’ve chosen me to blog for this season.  I’m one of 4 people who will be blogging on the site.

She could have paid me in free Luna bars… but I will also get to attend the season kick off “summit” in the Bay Area at the end of March.  See… over the moon! 

I’ll be doing a lot of writing… so I should be scared, but right now I’m so happy and inspired.

More to come….