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Thank You: From the Front of the Pack, To the Back

12 Nov 2014 / in Running

As I’m about to head out for the most challenging endurance event of my life (Ironman Arizona 2014), this might be the best blog I’ve read.  This guy gets it. Read the blog here          

Vancouver Marathon – Race Report

08 May 2013 / in Race Reports, Running

  What an experience.  My husband and I started our training more than 18 weeks ago.  On Sunday, May 5th, we finally got to put our training to the test in Vancouver.  I’ll give you two versions of the story.  My brief summary for those who just want the highlights… and then the longer version […]

How to Run a Marathon with Friends

26 Apr 2013 / in Running

  It is just 8 short days until the Vancouver Marathon.  My FIRST ever marathon.  26.2 miles.  How do I feel? Excited and anxious for the things I’m not sure of…. like what’s the weather going to be like that day?  I’m worried about my right calf just deciding to “give way” in the next  […]

Go Ahead, Call Me a Runner

14 Apr 2013 / in Running

  “Nineteen point zero miles…. average pace… twelve minutes, forty-nine….. seconds”, the RunKeeper App’s electronic voice called out as I was running along the canal. ONE MILE.  I thought to myself, then said out loud…  “ONE MILE!”  I started to cry.  This was going to happen.  I was going to do this! I started out […]

18 Mile Disaster? Or Victory?

01 Apr 2013 / in Running

  “Even when you have gone as far as you can, and everything hurts, and you are staring at the specter of self-doubt, you can find a bit more strength deep inside you, if you look closely enough.” -Hal Higdon   ————————   Saturday, I completed my longest run ever.  An 18 mile training run.  […]

Every Run Isn’t Perfect

24 Mar 2013 / in Running

I’ll tell you for sure that my 12 mile training run yesterday was “Mind Over Matter”. It was a “step down week”.  Last week was my longest run ever at 16 miles and next weekend we will go even farther… 18 miles!  But during this training plan you have some step down weeks that back […]

16 Miles and Miracles

18 Mar 2013 / in Running

BMO Vancouver Marathon Training Week 11   Who would have ever guessed I’d run 16 miles.  In my eyes, 16 miles is a healthy bike ride, not a run.  But I did it.  Think there is something you can’t do?  I bet your wrong.  It just takes a little time… and practice. ————————— This weekend’s […]

Running Surprises

07 Mar 2013 / in Race Reports, Running

Sometimes it takes some surprises to shake you out of the doldrums. Going into week 10 of my training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon, I’m really glad we had scheduled to run in a race!  It was a nice change of pace from running solo and unsupported.  This past weekend’s run should have been a 10 […]

This Is Where the Rubber Hits The Road!

28 Feb 2013 / in Running

We are in Week 9 of my BMO Vancouver Marathon training.  My weekend runs are long.  Up to 13 miles!  (Although, last weekend I got back to my car at 12.5 miles and decided to call it good.)  I’ve been here before.  I’ve trained for multiple half-marathons as stand-alone events and also as a part […]

Just 80 Days Until the Vancouver Marathon

13 Feb 2013 / in Running

First, I have to apologize for being a little lax with my blog.  My website and blog actually had some technical difficulties… um… let’s say I was getting the “white screen of death” when I logged into my site.  I needed to enlist the professional help of my friend, Carolyn, to remedy the situation.  Many […]