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My New Friend (The Foam Roller!)

03 Feb 2013 / in Running

WEEK 5:  BMO Vancouver Marathon Training  Training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon is going well! My husband and I did a long run this week of 10 miles! I’m feeling that it is really going well other than my sincere complaints about running in the cold and the rain here in Seattle. But that’s me. […]

Mom Needs to Run

24 Jan 2013 / in Running

WEEK 4:  BMO Vancouver Marathon Training  My husband left today on a business trip and I’ve come to realize what an integral part he plays in my exercise regime!  Tonight, I should be going on my weekday run but with him being gone, I’m worried that it won’t get done. Why?  Well, there are kids […]

My New Running Shoes

16 Jan 2013 / in Running

Last Saturday, my husband and I had the most expensive date ever…. to the running store.  As you know, we are both training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 5th.  My husband was WAY overdue for a new pair of shoes… and of course I was feeling like I could use a new pair, […]