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Running… Remember When?

25 Jul 2012 / in Uncategorized

Remember when you needed the motivation to start? Remember when you thought you couldn’t run a mile without stopping? Remember when you thought you couldn’t make it one more step? Remember when you wanted to quit? Remember when you were nervous signing up for your first race? Remember when you had a breakthrough? Remember when […]

Swimming Technique

04 Jul 2012 / in Uncategorized

I’m always looking to get more efficient and FASTER at swimming.  Here is an interesting article about “deep catch” swimming vs. “sculling”. Click here for the article in the New York Times.

Good Stuff Happening Over at Team Luna Chix

18 Jun 2012 / in Uncategorized

If you’re wondering where this Athena Triathlete has been, I’ve been blogging weekly for Luna Bar since April.  Slide on over to the website and check out some of my posts! Here is the latest:  A Little Slice of (Cycling) Heaven

2012 – My “Tri” Season Has Begun!

18 Apr 2012 / in Uncategorized

I had the great pleasure of attending the Luna Chix Summit back at the end of March.  The Summit is a kick-off for the season where all the Luna Chix local team members are invited to Luna Bar / Clif Bar Headquarters for seminars, training, and a lot of fun!  I was thrilled to get […]

How to RUN Away from Your Problems

07 Mar 2012 / in Uncategorized

You can run away from your problems — literally.  My brother, Robert, is living proof of that.  This past weekend he ran his first 1/2 marathon.  He ran it in an impressive 2:02!  He trained for the race, but only really has been running for the past 3 months.  By any normal standards, this would […]

Over the Moon (Luna Style!)

22 Feb 2012 / in Uncategorized

This week I started my training for my first marathon.  I’ve been thinking about writing about it… the start of my training “season”, and how hard it it is get back into the swing of things when it is winter and (maybe) you’ve taken a little too much time off. But my next training run […]

Oilman 70.3 Race Recap

29 Nov 2011 / in Uncategorized

Well some insane person (me) signed up for a second 70.3 race in one year.  After doing the Ironman 70.3 Texas triathlon in April…. I signed up for the Oilman 70.3 race in November. Why?  Well, after cheering us on in Galveston in April, my sister’s sister-in-law, Melanie, was inspired to try a 70.3 race […]

2011 Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon

29 Jun 2011 / in Uncategorized

This is the second year I’ve done the Seattle Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon.  I really do love this race.  I can see it would be fun traveling to other cities to do a Rock n’ Roll race.  It is well organized, nice swag, and super nice medals.  I am hoping to do the Chicago […]

Fixing a Flat

26 May 2011 / in Uncategorized

[brightcove vid=30865127001&exp=1699266750&w=300&h=225] I’ve never had to fix my own flat tire. Out of the thousands of miles I’ve ridden, I’ve only gotten a flat ONCE! I was prepared to fix it myself… but someone volunteered to do it for me. That flat where I’m on my own is going to happen one day. Here’s a […]

Never Give Up

01 May 2011 / in Uncategorized

Never give up… because you never know what can happen when you give it your all. [youtube]