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Mom Needs to Run

24 Jan 2013 / in Running

WEEK 4:  BMO Vancouver Marathon Training  My husband left today on a business trip and I’ve come to realize what an integral part he plays in my exercise regime!  Tonight, I should be going on my weekday run but with him being gone, I’m worried that it won’t get done. Why?  Well, there are kids […]

There really is something to this fitness thing…

21 Oct 2010 / in Uncategorized

My triathlon “career” started with just sprint tri’s. I had been a long distance biker and enjoyed organized, multi-day group rides for a few years before one day — a couple of friends of ours challenged my husband and I to sign up for a triathlon. After that, we were hooked. We loved the option […]

The Beginning of Athena Triathlete

18 Oct 2010 / in Uncategorized

This is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. All the thoughts that swirl in my head when I’m training or competing in a triathlon… I always think of sharing because I’m sure that there are other women out there like me. Women who want to be active and competitive and […]